Bellatora e Cigar – 12 Pack


The perfect e-cigar to enjoy on a golf course.

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This popular Bellatora e Cigar pack includes 12 electronic disposable e-Cigars. For a limited time, we will allow a mix and match selection of your choice of flavors and nicotine levels. Simply add the pack(s) to your cart and then let us know your selection via the notes section when submitting your order.

Data Sheet

LED LightLED Lampshade is designed to have an ash simulation to make our Bellatora customers feel more genuine. A thick vapor of non offensive pleasant aroma.
Battery1300mAh “milli-amp hours” battery
SafetyOver-Smoking Protection : Continuos smoking for more that 5 seconds will trigger the cigar’s LED tip to flash and the cigar to momentarily shutdown to conserve the e-liquid.
CompositionsSoft tip – realistic nozzle
Puffs1800 puff disposable e-cigar

Additional information


The Rock Star, Castro's Blend, Smooth Concord Grape, Satin Blackberry

Nicotine Strength

Zero 0% Nicotine, Low 0.6% Nicotine, Medium 1.2% Nicotine, High 1.8% Nicotine


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