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To date our only rechargeable electronic cigar. This Bellatora rechargeable e Cigar is charged via USB and possesses a number of built-in protection mechanisms:

  • Short circuit protection
  • Low power protection
  • Excessive smoking protection
  • Over-charging protection

The soft nozzle tips are interchangeable. Each disposable tip contains enough eJuice for 900 puffs. No need to worry about filling these tips as they come preloaded. Simply attach the tip to the base and puff away. This technology allows you to switch flavors instantly by removing the tip from the base and attaching another. Tips are storable and reusable up to their 900 puff limit.

Data Sheet

LED LightLED Lampshade is designed to have an Ash simulation to make our Bellatora customers feel more genuine. A thick Vapor of non offensive pleasant aroma.
Battery Rechargeable Battery – No need to screw. 1300mAh “milli-amp hours” Includes USB Charger
SafetyOver-Smoking Protection: If you continuously keep smoking for 5 seconds, the LED will flash twice and the battery will stop working momentarily, then you can reuse it without burning up the eLiquid.
CompositionsA Soft Nozzle – Realistic Nozzle Cartomizers: Includes 2 cartomizers – each cartomizer can suggest over 900 puffs.

Additional information


The Rock Star, El Diablo, Castro's Blend, Cocoa Havana, Vanilla

Nicotine Strength

Zero 0% Nicotine, Low 0.6% Nicotine, Medium 1.2% Nicotine, High 1.8% Nicotine


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