Bellatora e Cigarillo – Single


Bellatora eCigarillos single.



Bellatora e Cigarillos offer the e-Cigar experience but in a smaller, 500 puff version of the larger 1800 puff eCigar.

Data Sheet

LED LightLED Lampshade is designed to have an ash simulation to make our Bellatora customers feel more genuine. A thick vapor of non offensive pleasant aroma.
Battery1300mAh “milli-amp hours” battery
SafetyOver-Smoking Protection : Continuos smoking for more that 5 seconds will trigger the cigar’s LED tip to flash and the cigar to momentarily shutdown to conserve the e-liquid.
CompositionsSoft tip – realistic nozzle
Puffs500 puff disposable e-cigar

Additional information


The Rock Star, Castro's Blend, American Hazelnut, Vanilla, Fruit Punch, Concord Grape, Irish Coffee, Satin Blackberry, Bellatora Traditional, Bellatora Menthol

Nicotine Strength

Zero 0% Nicotine, Low 0.6% Nicotine, Medium 1.2% Nicotine, High 1.8% Nicotine


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